Useful Resources


The following are useful online calculators that you will use daily.

Enteral Nutrition Calculator - A calculator for determining daily protein and calorie requirements for enteral nutrition
Nitrogen Balance Calculator - A calculator for determining nitrogen balance during enteral nutrition
Vancomycin Dosing Calculator - A calculator for determining vancomcyin dosing
Aminoglycoside Dosing Calculator - A calculator for determining aminoglycoside administration dosages
Clinical Pulmonary Infection Score (CPIS) Calculator - A calculator for predicting the need for sputum culture to diagnose ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP)


The following are reference materials that you may find useful while on call or during rounds.

ICU Procedure List - Use this form to record the invasive procedures that you complete during the rotation
Injury Severity Scoring / AAST Organ Grading Scales - Used to describe the severity of injury to organs throughout the body
Creating Isotonic / Hypertonic Tube Feedings - Recipe for adding sodium chloride to enteral nutrition to correct hyponatremia
Antibiotic Dosing Guide - A table of antimicrobial dosages based upon renal function and clearance
Enteral Nutrition Support Cheat Sheet - A quick reference on the various enteral nutrition formulas
Revised Cardiac Risk Index - A scoring system for estimating peri-operative cardiac morbidity and mortality
Advanced Trauma Life Support for the Injured Astronaut - ORMC serves as the Level I trauma Center for Kennedy Space Center


The following are a series of chapters from "A Practical Guide to Statistics" by Michael L. Cheatham, MD, FACS, FCCM. These practical and concise monographs will help the reader become adept at designing clinical research studies, performing basic statistical analyses, and appropriately interpreting the medical literature.

Chapter 1: Basic Statistical Theory Chapter 9: Study Design
Chapter 2: Describing and Using Data Chapter 10: Study Quality: Interpreting the Literature
Chapter 3: Common Descriptive Statistics Chapter 11: Abstract and Manuscript Preparation
Chapter 4: Epidemiologic Tests Chapter 12: Tables, Charts, and Graphs
Chapter 5: Analysis of Discrete Variables Appendix 1: Analysis of Data from Discrete Variables
Chapter 6: Analysis of Continuous Variables Appendix 2: Analysis of Normally Distributed Continuous Variables
Chapter 7: Multiple Comparisons Appendix 3: Analysis of Non-Normally Distributed Continuous Variables
Chapter 8: Correlation and Regression Appendix 4: Manuscript Review Guidelines