Surgical Critical Care Lecture Series

The following is a collection of lectures addressing both basic and advanced topics in Surgical Critical Care. For those who are new to the intensive care unit, we would recommend that you review the lectures in the order listed as the concepts presented are based on the preceeding lectures.

The lectures on this website are currently being updated into multimedia presentations. We appreciate your patience as we complete this process.

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Hemodynamic Monitoring: Principles to Practice
Michael L. Cheatham, MD
Hemodynamic Calculations I
Michael L. Cheatham, MD
Hemodynamic Calculations II
Michael L. Cheatham, MD
Hemodynamic Monitoring: Today's Tools in the ICU
Michael L. Cheatham, MD
Practical Antimicrobial Therapy
Kara Birrer, PharmD
There's Fungus Among Us
Kara Birrer, PharmD
Oxygen Transport Calculations
Michael L. Cheatham, MD