Burn Nutrition Calculator

This enteral nutrition calculator may be used to calculate the appropriate tube feeding rate and supplemental protein required to meet a burn patient's nutritional needs. It provides the results of calculations using both the Curreri and Toronto formulas. Protein requirements in the burn patient are estimated at 2 gm/kg/day.

Patient Sex (choose one)
Age (years)
Height (in inches)
Admission Weight (in kilograms)
Percent TBSA of burn
Days post-burn injury
Caloric intake (kcal) previous 24 hours
Mean temperature (C) previous 24 hours
Propofol Dose (if applicable) (in mL/hr)
The lipid emulsion used in propofol provides 1.1 kcal/mL

Determination of Ideal and Adjusted Body Weight
If the patient is greater than 20% above ideal body weight (IBW), the adjusted body weight should be used in the calculation of enteral nutrition rates for surgical and trauma patients. IBW (using the Devine formula) and adjusted body weight (ABW) are derived as follows:

IBW (male) = 50 + (2.3 * (height [in inches] - 60))

IBW (female) = 45.5 + (2.3 * (height [in inches] - 60))

ABW = 0.25 * (actual body weight - IBW) + IBW

Nutritional Needs in the Burn Patient
Calculation of caloric requirements in the patient with burn wounds can be assessed utilizing either the Curreri or Toronto Formulas as illustrated below.

Curreri formula = 25 X body weight (kg) + 40 X % TBSA burned

Toronto formula = -4343 + 10.5 x %TBSA + 0.23 x previous 24 hours' caloric intake + 0.84 x Harris-Benedict equation + 114 x previous 24 hours' maximal temperature - 4.5 x days post-burn injury